Read what real people have said about the program

Email received May 29, 2019 from Colleen, an adult who did the program with Annette in May this year:

I had no idea that thinking in words could be so cool.
As I was brushing my teeth I looked at the shell we have by the tap, and could see the word/letters ‘shell’ superimposed on it (in my minds eye). I then did this with everything I could see, which then naturally progressed to adjectives ‘flower, small pink rose’. I realised that I can spell now 100 fold better then before. And I can think in words with much more descriptive language. I have a plastic chandelier in my bedroom and was particularly proud of myself when I could see easily see the words on the object.
I am even finding writing this email a novelty and enjoying the spelling 🙀.
I really am amazed, I will no longer think of myself as less than, instead I will think of myself as someone who has a superpower that I can switch on and off.

Michael (38) completed the 30 hour program with Annette on Friday April 12, 2019. This email arrived a few hours later:

The deepest thanks for the last week on the Davis Program. I’ve found it confronting and joyous. The experience of “knowing your own brain” and figuring out the blurs of disorientation has been insightful beyond belief.
Thank you for the warmth, laughter and kindness throughout.

Received via text message Wednesday November 28, 2018 from Meg; her son Luke did his program in mid November:

Just a quick txt to thank you as we really loved the program and all your patience and guidance with a few giggles thrown in made all the difference with Luke. Providing a positive nurturing safe environment for him to experience learning probably for the first time; it was breathtaking to see him develop confidence in you and himself. Seeing him believe in himself and back himself is something I'll never forget.

Email received July 22, 2018 from Sally, Joel's mum:

"Hi Annette, a huge thank you once again for last week. It is wonderful to know that Joel has the skills he needs to reach his potential with support from us. What you and Frank do changes people's lives and we thank you both from the bottom of our hearts."

On October 18, 2017, Melanie wrote on our Facebook page:

"After doing the course with Dyslexia WA my two girls and myself grew in confidence, so much so that both the girls are in the top 5% of their year. They now see their “Superpower” Dyslexia as a gift and not a burden."

Received February 25, 2017

Mel’s 2 girls each did a Davis Program, Hannah in August 2014 and Molly the following year.


“Hannah finished her first year of high school last year. At the awards afternoon we were amazed as Hannah (tied with one other girl) for the most student awards for year 7. Brought a tear to my eye! I can't believe how much confidence the program she went through with you has given her.


“Molly also did well receiving the most consistent award for her class last year. She is in the last year of primary school this year and very happy to be learning language (Italian) and music.”

December 2015 : Art teacher, Robyn Robinson,
completed the Davis Program in January 2014 (at age 49)


Robyn's art expresses the life changing 'New World' which opened to her through the Davis Program.

January 12, 2016 Jane’s email about daughter Chelsea who did the program in January 2015.

On her latest report the teacher wrote ‘Chelsea is reading fluently!!!’Chelsea has also bee n reading for pleasure and at an hour at a time (not just 10 minutes). The tide has turned. I’m sure her spelling will start to improve now she is reading more. We still use the methods on words that set her eyes flashing. She also won the top prize in Japanese at her Year 6 Graduation. Thank you for all your help. I have been recommending the program to all.

2014 : A Poem provided recently by Hannah who participated in our program in 2014

"Dyslexia is a gift of smart minds
Of all kinds like - Albert Einstein
Dyslexia is a gift - not a disability.
And to hear people say you poor thing
They dont really understand
They dont understand how hard it is to get 100%
My mind is all way racing and chasing the answer
But what I lack in words I make up for in dreams
I have amazing skills you wouldnt understand
I remember all the things Ive done as a child
Its time to spell and I dont feel that well
My mind is always spilling why wont it stop?
I feel so strange its too hard, too over the top!
It may take me that extra half an hour but its complete its finished.
I look up with a great big smile,
But they say "boy she took a while."
Tears of joy turn to tears of sadness; I feel so worthless no point in life.
I go to a course and learn what to do
I find out Im not dumb Im unique Im one of a kind
Now I feel as happy as can be
I can do spelling and feel well
I can complete that mad minute, I feel so proud.
I peek with one eye
And what do I see?
All eyes on the prize."

Annette’s first client, James, in 2010, gave the quote used in our pamphlet:

"Material which previously took me an hour to struggle through, I can now read in 10 minutes... and that's after only a few hours of treatment."

January 4, 2016 Email from Nia's Mum:

“Thought I would let you know that Nia’s end of year results were really a wonderful surprise to us. I had an interview with her teacher at the end of last year to understand where Nia’s re- sults are compared to her peers. She moved from fairly close to the bottom to nicely in the average range with her reading! That was just wonderful news for us and we were really blessed by your help Annette!!! Thank you again for everything; you were the answer to our desperate prayers. Nia is still working hard at her read- ing and is fighting hard to climb this mountain! We are really proud of her efforts!”

December 16, 2013, Mandy writes about daughter Meg who did the Davis Program in July 2012:


"Meg continues to amaze us after doing the course with you. She has had a year full of As and walked away with 3 academic awards!"

January 8, 2014, From Michelle, mother of Spencer. (Spencer did the Davis Program in May, 2012)


Year 8 (2013) - Spencer received the "Outstanding Responsible Learner Award" for the second year in a row... for consist high achievement in all areas of school life.

Spencer was also VERY excited to receive an A for standard English on his report :-) He continues to excel in Math and Science - he is in the Advanced class for both these subjects. We are thrilled to bits!!!!

Going through the Davis Program has changed Spencer's life. It has given him confidence and tools to unlock his unique learning style. I can't thank you enough for what you did for Spencer.

November 20, 2013 Lois tells of the change in her son:


Wow, I know you said we would need to get half way through our list…but I just wanted you both to know Kiah picked out 2 books off the school library shelf today and “wanted” to read them. I know it sounds a bit ho- hum but that is a major advancement for us…he never reads anything himself for pleasure…and what’s more…he read them himself.

The music teacher said... she had never seen Kiah so focussed.

So despite all the bagging out Davis gets on a reasonable regular basis I for one would have to say our family is astounded in the results to date in such a very short period of time. It’s incredible!

November 22, 2013 Megan writes about her son...


He had his first day back at school yesterday and would you believe that this week is actually exam week at school ... he was able to read and understand the exam questions and he was nowhere near as confused as he usually is. This is of course FANTASTIC!!!! He just seems so much happier and more comfortable in his own skin. From a very happy and pleased mum

From Preston's mum... September 12, 2013

Wow!!! What to say about how the Davis Program has done for us???? For the second time I have seen a second son take control of his learning and begin to enjoy reading.

Every now and then after Preston has read a couple of words from a sentence that he hasn’t read before he looks up at me in total surprise that those words came out of his mouth. When he read ‘questions’ on Tuesday, he got so tickled that he ended up rolling on the floor with laughter. It’s like the words are jumping off the page into his mouth. We still have a long way to go, but now he has the tools to get there.

I asked Preston what has been the best thing about the Davis program and he said, “it’s made reading easier”.

Meg's mum on July 31, 2012:

Thank you for the most amazing week that Meg spent with you. I can't tell you how much Meg enjoyed it. She couldn't wait to get to you in the mornings and the lunch break couldn't go fast enough. Her work-space is all set up and she religiously does her words each day - she has a really good routine going. Thank you so much for her book. She reads it to me every night using all her reading strategies. In such a short space of time I can see such an improvement... she is just doing a card for you as I write this and she has just spelt "scrapbooking" out to me totally correctly... she has got the confidence to try.

I really do believe that you have given her wings to fly! Thank you for all your time and effort that you put into Meg, I can't tell you how much I appreciate it.

Just one more thing in connection with the book that you gave her... in the past, any book that did not have at least 14 point in size was just put down and Meg would not attempt to read it at all. This book is about 10 point if not smaller in size and she is reading very fluently. The "sweeping" that you have taught her is doing wonders!

November 2011: Miram, and 9 year old son Liam, respond to some questions and comments...

1. A few brief comments please on the type of major concerns you (Miriam) and Liam faced before doing the correction program...

Before the program Liam found school in general to be a struggle. Spelling and reading were essentially impossible. Liam said “I couldn’t really read because everything was moving around on the page”. As Liam’s mum I was very concerned for him and his future education.

2. Comment on the most noticeable changes following the course (or even during).

On day one Liam was taught how to stop the words moving around on the page. This was a major revelation as Liam assumed what he was seeing was something everyone contended with. This was the first time Liam looked at a page of words and they didn’t move – amazing! By the end of the 5 day program Liam was reading well. 4 Months later Liam is reading at an age appropriate level and his spelling is improving rapidly

3. Were there any unexpected or surprising consequences?

One of the things Liam enjoys the most is being able to turn his dyslexia on and off depending on what he is doing. Apparently some games are a lot more fun when you have dyslexia. Liam also says his drawing has improved.

4. What sort of life changing effect has doing the course made (big picture stuff!)

Being able to read and spell has made everything better for Liam. He says he has a lot more confidence in all areas of his life including sporting pursuits. Driving home on the last day of the program, Liam said “Thanks for finding Annette for me. She has changed my life.” That really says it all for me.

5. Are you (Liam)) today in a place you could not have envisaged before doing the Davis Program?

Liam could not imagine a time where he would read with ease or for pleasure and now he is enjoying that and much more thanks to the Davis program. It has been an amazing journey and one that we are fortunate to have been able to go on.

September 18, 2011... from a mum...

Cam is doing really well – his reading has come along tremendously. He’s really enjoying reading a much wider range of books now and his comprehension has improved out of sight. Maths is coming along beautifully as well. Since completing the Maths program we’ve backtracked quite a bit with him and have revisited all of those early concepts he missed. It’s made such a difference

Liam.(9 years)... July 8, 2011

Dear Annette 
Thank you for helping me to see and spell properly. 
Love, Liam.

Angela discusses her 8 year old son… (July, 2010)

“(He) is doing really well with the Davis program. His confidence, particularly with reading, has improved out of sight. We are blown away with some of the words he is now able to easily read and his new found determination to figure out some really complex ones on his own. What a difference the program has made to our boy and in such a short time.”

And a few weeks later… (August 2010)

(He) is going incredibly well. A couple of days ago I was keen to find out how much he was retaining and asked him if he could remember to spell a word we’d done the week before (another). He not only spelt the word out loud correctly but then immediately followed with the spelling backwards (no mistakes). His reading is also going extremely well – he manages to figure out some really difficult words now (like manoeuvre).

James, a 21 year old Uni student… June (2009)

‘Material which previously took me an hour to struggle through, I can now read in 10 minutes… and that’s only after a few hours of the program”

A mum, Peta, writes about her 14 year old …


He was fantastic! He’s remembered everything. I can’t believe it. Well, I can really, but it’s incredible how he remembers. He showed the video, then talked through the processes of staying on point and what that means. He answered questions very well. He was polite and positive about the course. He would recommend other students to do it. He showed off his backpack, the clay, explained the koosh balls, and showed all his books. He talked about reading. He explained about his ‘dial’.

After school on Monday, he told me how much more focused in the classroom he felt. I was very pleased.

He can read big words now because he knows how to sound them out, and can also read the trigger words. He feels that sentences now make sense to him.

So it’s been very positive to date. And I was so proud of him today. (August 2010)

A teacher, Sue, talks about 8 year old C.

Annette, this is just to confirm to you what a wonderful job you are doing with the students who seek your help. I have been working with C. since his visit to you late last term. The change in him is remarkable. He is able to focus effectively and responds well to prompts, which is helping his learning considerably. He is working well with the clay and his sentence writing has become quite fluent. This is a huge improvement. It is very exciting to observe. (August 2010)

March 22, 2011

From a school Department Head:
He began his confusion words today with gusto and enthusiasm, he is so pleased he did the course and knows so much more about himself as a learner. He was a joy to watch this morning.