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A Family Deals with Dyslexia

Getting a label was a complex issue in our house. In one way labels are compartments for filling and storing fixed boxes, while they can also be a positive affirmation of one’s unique abilities. It’s worth remembering a child will be feeling pretty confused and frustrated long before we are able, as parents and teachers, to recognise that they are dyslexic and feel the world differently. Jasper was certainly showing some signs all was not content towards the end of year two and early year three. I had mentioned this to his then teacher but was assured that Jasper was doing well.

As parents we could feel there was a change in Jasper at the start of year three. Luckily for Jasper his teacher had had Jasper in year one, so the step change in classroom expectations of school work became a curious question mark....

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Michael Berry (38)

Michael Berry is a Social Worker who currently works in an Emergency Department of a Perth hospital. Over his career, Michael has held roles across the United Kingdom and Western Australia in working with populations across health, vulnerable adults and marginalised individuals.

His remarkable story is told here.

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Abbie H

Abbie H, a high school student in Geraldton, completed her one week Dyslexia Correction Program® with Annette in late September 2020.

Abbie, with her grandmother, Debra, submitted this record of Abbie’s experiences on December 15, 2020. With their permission this document is reproduced as a case study for other people to read.

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Living with Dyslexia

Leigh Lukac

Living with dyslexia is hard, frustrating, challenging. But it is also eye opening, insightful and an opportunity to learn a lot of patience.

I do not have dyslexia, my husband James does.

James and I have been married for thirty four years, and for many years his inability to read anything quickly, by my standards anyway, was a source of frustration for both of us. Books, letters, anything with the written word presented a challenge. When James has to read something, everyone in the house has to be quiet, any noise distracts him and it becomes impossible for him to read. Not easy when you have two children and a dog.....

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