About The Program

Davis® Dyslexia Correction is suitable for any student aged from 8 to 80+

The process is usually:

1. Information about the program is provided;

2. An Initial Consultation is scheduled (about 2 hours) to assess the client’s visual - spatial capacity and establish the suitability of the program for them;

3. The one week (30 hour) one on one program with Facilitator Annette at our Rockingham office;

4. Follow up visits are available, if required. (No charge)

5. Telephone and email support is provided - unlimited and free.

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The program includes the following tools and exercises:

1. orientation or alignment procedure to learn how to focus, how to identify disorientation and resolve confusion about words and symbols;

2. energy dial to regulate and adjust to the task at hand;

3. relaxation tools;

4. ball exercises to reinforce neural pathways;

5. auditory orientation;

6. three steps to easier reading;

7. increased confidence and ability in reading, writing or other academic skills;

8. other concepts which are tailored to the specific needs of a client, such as handwriting, maths, directions, coordination, order, time, or other skills the client wishes to master.

The Davis® Program reinforces visual strengths, using the client’s imagination and creative abilities to master his/her own learning.

The Davis approach is not based on tutoring or drill, but actually resolves the root causes of problems experienced by individuals with language-based learning difficulties. The Davis program is explained in detail in the book, The Gift of Dyslexia.

"Material which previously took me an hour to struggle through, I can now read in 10 minutes... and that's after only a few hours of treatment."

21 year old Western Australian, James, then a university student in 2010.

In 2014, James tells of his ‘before’ and after’ Davis
Program experience to an interested audience

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